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Founder Director & CEO

Mr. Nikhil Rana

Nikhil Rana is a distinguished professional who has established himself as a leader in the field of education. With a strong academic background, Mr. Rana holds a BSc in Zoology, Botany, and Chemistry, as well as multiple M.A degrees in English, History, and Political Science. His diverse educational qualifications reflect his strong commitment to holistic learning and interdisciplinary knowledge. As the founder, Director, and CEO of his educational institution Nikhil Tuition Classes Mr. Rana has brought forth over 14 years of invaluable experience in the field of tuition. Throughout his esteemed career, he has exhibited an unwavering dedication to fostering academic excellence and inspiring students to reach their full potential.
Nikhil Rana is particularly renowned for his expertise in the fields of biology and chemistry, History, English Political Science. His in-depth knowledge and passion for these subjects have allowed him to not only educate his students, but also to instill in them a profound appreciation for the sciences. By creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, he has successfully motivated countless students to strive for academic excellence and pursue their ambitions.
One of Mr. Rana's key principle is to prioritize the quality of education above all else. Through his innovative teaching methods and insightful guidance, he has consistently promoted a culture of learning that is centered on depth of understanding, critical thinking, and intellectual curiosity. As a result, his students have not only excelled academically, but have also developed a deep-seated love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.
With his multifaceted academic background, wealth of experience, and unwavering commitment to educational excellence, Nikhil Rana stands as a beacon of inspiration and leadership in the realm of education. His dedication and passion have left an indelible mark on the lives of his students, and his contributions continue to shape the future of learning and knowledge dissemination.
I compose my notes using straightforward and accessible language, ensuring comprehensive coverage of each topic with intricate details. The NEET study material I've crafted is a result of my independent design and extensive research. This personalized approach aims to facilitate a deeper understanding of the subjects. Incorporating this information enhances the depth and uniqueness of my study resources, making them tailored to my learning needs.